Day one in the Benmore House 2014!

We arrived at the Benmore house at exactly 13:30 on the dot yesterday. We met with our instructors, Scrutts and Graeme and we got to know the builiding and the grounds that we will be living in for the next week. We had to make our beds!!! BUT we did very well at that indeed. We unpacked our clothes and were then given some waterproofs to keep us warm and dry throughout the week.
We are in 2 activity groups, group 9 and group 10. Mrs Hayes is with group 9 and Mrs Bagnall is with group 10. We went on a local area explore yesterday and we went down puddle lane and through ots of tunnels. We even got to go in the river. Some of us even went for an unintentional swim!!!! We then cam back to the house and had the infamous tea and cake and got ourselves dried off.
We had some free time until dinner at 18:15 and then we had diary time with Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bagnall and then we went on the night walk. IT WAS AMAZING if a little scary at points but we worked as a team and used commands to get us through. Andrew led the way for team 10 and Lewis for team 9. We all worked together and got through it. We found quartz and glow in the dark lichen which helped as we were not allowed any torches. Did you know that people with blue eyes see better in the day time whilst people with green eyes see better in the dark? If you have brown eyes you are the same for both.
We then got home, got ourselves dried and then straight to bed. We were knackered and slept well.
This morning we have had breakkie, cereal, toast, scrambled eggs and bacon and we are currently tidying our dorms for the inspection. Lets hope we get 10/10!
Group 9’s activities today are Kayaking and Forest Walk and group 10’s are Caving and Gorge walking.
Watch this space for more updates as the day goes on….








Over and oot!
The P7 Benmore tribe.

40 thoughts on “Day one in the Benmore House 2014!”

  1. Fantastic pictures they all look like theyre having a great time . Typical to see david waist deep in water x looking forward to the next blog .

  2. Looks like you’re all having an amazing time, looking forward to seeing photos and hearing lots of stories on your daily activities! Have fun P7 xxx

  3. Sounds like great fun. V brave to be out on a nightwalk with no torches. Hope the room inspections went well!

  4. Great to see so many people having a look at the photos from this week. The children are having a ball! Getting very soggy, eating lots, meeting new friends and I can confirm that they will be able to make beds AND hoover by Friday!!

  5. You would not believe Pauline! David was great at Kayaking. Have a look at the photos. He made me take one for you! The photos will be going in the children’s MATS so you’ll have a copy of it there 🙂

  6. Hi Lindsey, Andrew is having a great time. He was fab on the night walk and really pushed himself at the caving today. It wasn’t his favorite activity but he said he was glad he gave it a go. He loved the peaches at dinner time though!

  7. My mum says thanks I know I wish I was there this year tell scrutts I was asking for him he was my team leader last year say hi to David from me !!

  8. I know Mrs Hayes I told david he would have a ball say hi to him from me can you also say hi to Scrutts please thanks x

  9. Glad to hear Jenna settled in fine. Enjoy the rest of the week and get very wet and very muddy ! Xxx

  10. Looks like you are all having great fun. Nice to see you doing something else rather than playing football Oscar! xx

  11. Hi Kathleen,

    Mikaela is having a great time. A little tentative at first on the activities and then you can’t stop her!! She has settled in well and had a good nights sleep! 🙂 She will be sailing and gorge walking today. Lots of fun to be had.

  12. Loving the updates!!
    Glad P7 are having an amazing time.
    Deri, have a fabby time, enjoy the adventure xx

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