Trip to the National Library of Scotland

Today a group of Primary six and Primary  sevens went to The National Library Of Scotland, the lucky people who went were Andrew, Gerda, Julie, Heidi and Finlay from P7 and Sam, Charlie and Anya from P6. We had three activities and we were all split into groups, the three activities were a tour of the parts of the library that no one is allowed into, a storytelling of Tam O’ Shanter by the manager of the library and a look at the Jacobite exhibit with a quiz. We were allowed to design our own coats of arms, the qualities were portrayed as different animals, symbols and colours. Inside the Library there are 15 floors and 10 of them were full of books. Altogether there was about 17 million books in the library. we also found out that the book fetchers walked about 10 miles a day.

Report by Andrew, Gerda and Julie