Children’s University Friday’s

thCAAHRG9BHello all!

Children’s University and Queen Margaret University are running a 4 week programme of Friday afternoon activities for you to take part in. This will allow you to gain 8 hours of learning credits. Please read the attached document for more information about the fabulous courses available to you.
Week 1 – 6th March – The Human Body and What We Eat/Studying and Working with Food.
Week 2 – 13th March – Taste Time/Read, Steady, Cook
Week 3 – 20th March – Fat Attack/ Studying and Working in Health
Week 4 – 27th March – An Insight into University

March 2015 Programme

Remember keep adding those hours to your passports and your e-passports at E-passport login
We are adding learning activities and learning destinations all of the time. Adam Martin will be adding more Active Schools activities over the coming days so that you can keep an accurate log of what you are taking part it. This is essential as we have Graduations to look forward to this year. Is it going to be you??