Changes to the website

As you will see we have been making some changes to our website in order to make it more accessible for more people. This site is now mobile and hand held device friendly and should be easier to access from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
We are constantly thriving to keep everyone up to date with the events, dates and learning that is happening in the school and our website is now being used by more people than ever!

Please feel free to add a comment or give us some feedback via the website on the accessibility of the changes that have been made.

As you will see, we will be choosing 3 feature posts each week to highlight the learning throughout the school. All class and committee posts will remain on the homepage.
In the front tab you will see we now have a CHILDREN’S ZONE, PARENT ZONE, HOMEWORK ZONE and TEACHERS ZONE. Within these areas you can access a variety of drop down menus. Please browse through them to familiarise yourself with the content. All parent information regarding school policies and improvement plans are held within the PARENT ZONE.
We have also added a ‘PAY FOR IT’ link that will take you straight to the website to pay for school lunches.

We hope these changes help you keep up to date with school events and your child’s learning within school. As always, please feel free to get in touch via the website with further suggestions and ideas.

Many thanks,

Fiona Hayes.