Primary 6 Homework for Friday 13th March

Homework Deadline – 13th march 2015

1. Spelling Activity – Create a spelling ladder inspired by the P7’s. Use all of your list words to create a ladder displaying your learning.
2. Spelling Elephants/Bees – Begin your 1st Spelling Elephant or Bee. Remember to let me know when you are ready to be tested on this.
3. Maths – Practise your x2-x9 tables in your own way using the sheet provided. Maybe ask a family member to time you on a table or ALL of your tables. Maybe practise one per night.
– Mathletics Mathletics
4. Reading – Update Ross Rocks Reading and use Home Connect at home for Accelerated Reader. Quizzes will be available throughout the week.

Have a good week.
Mrs Hayes.