P6 – ‘What stuck with me this week?’

This week in Primary 6:

Dominic – I now know the ingredients to make 12 butterfly cakes.
Isla – I liked the S.O.A.R sessions and I have to read for 40 minutes without any electricity.
Reece – I LOVED the baking and the second that I got to the gate I showed the cake to mum and then I GOBBLED it up. The icing was amazing.
Brook – I enjoyed maths – cm and mm and it was fun. I can now measure mm successfully now.
Shannon – At ART we were making an art cake for The Great British Bake off.
Lucy – I now know how to measure in cm and mm successfully.
Kasi – I earned a bronze certificate in mathletics and I just need 1 more to get a silver.
Hannah – We completed the test for the CLUSTER SPELLING BEE and we are waiting for the results of who is going.