Primary 7’s week

This week we had fun working on our Topic and we investigated friction. We had fun making our posters about the engines of boats, planes and cars in our cooperative teams.

P7 have been planning our secret project for SCIAF. We are very excited and hope everyone in the school will like what we are planning.

Our writing this week made us laugh so much that we invited Mrs McDonald in to hear us read some of them out. It was really enjoyable doing this writing. It turns out that we are very creative when it comes to thinking up ‘Instructions to annoy parents’! Cameron Ward is writing a book on the back of this entitled ‘How to be Homeless’….

We’ve been continuing our cursive writing with Primary One and that has been a success.

Despite the initial reaction from Primary 7 about learning to dance the Gay Gordons they are now able to dance it almost faultlessly and we are hoping to learn another dance next week.

Reegan, Alisha and Cameron Smith will be going up to Ross High next week. We are looking forward to hearing more about what happens up there.