Primary 7

P.E. this week was really good fun because we worked with our groups in athletics.  The highest scorers for the plank were Laura, Finlay and Oscar. The plank is going into a push up position and holding it for as long as possible.

We had fun writing about ‘A Day without Gravity’ in our writing lesson. Shaun, Gerda and Ellie were so keen they had to take their jotters home to finish as they wanted to write more!

We practised Scottish country dancing. We tried the Gay Gordons again and started learning The Flying Scotsman.

We are all researching and thinking about what careers we might be interested in for the future and thinking about high school.

We all completed our Maths assessments. We have been making our own Maths flashcards to help us learn things we know we are needing extra practise with and as a class we are doing heaps of mental maths to prepare for high school.