P5 Weekly Blog

We have started our topic about energy and electricity, we thought about we wanted to learn and what questions we wanted to ask. We are looking forward to finding out the answers.

In maths we have been finding fractions of whole numbers using pounds and pennies. One penny as a fraction of a pound is one hundredth. We have been finding out about different kinds of triangles, identifying them and describing them. There are scalene, equilateral, isosceles and right angle triangles.

In P.E. we have been doing athletics on the 3G pitch, practising balance, running and throwing techniques

Football training is up and running again, we are looking forward to the tournament on Wednesday and the match against Wallyford on Thursday.


WE got 5 100%’s in Accelerated Reader

No one in P5 lost golden time – or even got a warning! Mr Campbell is very happy J