Primary 2’s week


For this week’s homework we have been making musical instruments using recycled materials (Sarah). We are going to form a band with all our instruments. Miss O’Hara is very impressed with them all!

We have been measuring in metres using a metre stick. We were measuring big things such as the Monkey Bars (Harris R), climbing frame (Lilley), the buckets (Robert), the big red door (Ben) and the wall with the stairs (Kristin).

In gym we are working on our fitness (Hayden). We have been working on: relay racing (Ben), hurdle racing (Kristin), jumping and hopping using both feet (Noah).

There was a problem in our village this week and there was too much rubbish all over the village (Heidi). We had to think of ways to clean it up and stop this problem (Hayden). We were thinking of ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Zosia).



2 thoughts on “Primary 2’s week”

  1. Great picture P2, I’m loving all your instruments!
    Karen, Mrs Masterton x

  2. Your musical instruments are amazing!!!!! Well Done!
    You are all extra special Eco Warriors as you recycled different materials.
    I am very impressed – Can’t wait for your Assembly
    Mrs Carlyle

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