Primary 5 – Weekly Blog

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Torness Nuclear Power Station which we all enjoyed. We went on a tour of the power station in groups. We saw the reactor hall, the workshop, the turbines, the generators and the control room. We did a quiz in the visitor centre to test our knowledge and find facts about the nuclear power station and energy sources in the UK. It was AMAZING!

We are designing information posters about different sources of energy. Some are renewable, these are; solar, wind and hydro-electricity. Others are non-renewable; fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas, and nuclear energy.

On Tuesday we had auditions for the school show – Everyone tried their best and did well. Evan got the lead role for primary 5 with Leo as understudy.  We are all looking forward to learning all the songs.

In Art we have been making paper mache faces in the style of the artist Paolozzi.