Primary 7’s week

In Art we have we have been making our St Martin’s memory trees. These have sparked lots of memories of our years at St Martin’s and we have been writing these down. We have some very funny ones including sleep walkers and talkers at school camp; and someone crying because a boy  kissed her in nursery!

Almost all of us  started our e-profiles successfully this week. Gerda was the class ICT guide getting us all successfully on to our websites. We wrote our ‘all about me’ sections of our profiles in our jotters first so that we did not need to worry about what to say at the same time as getting onto our websites.

We had our first rehearsal with P4,5 &6 for our school show and have been learning more movements to go with our section of the show. Katie successfully auditioned for a lead in the show. Jack is her understudy.

Next week one of our Maths groups is going up to RHS to meet Mr Doig the Maths teacher. We are looking forward to hearing about that. We have 14  P7 pupils taking part at Meadowbank Athletics Tournament next week and we wish them luck and success.