P4’s Week

Hello Folks!

Who’s had a wonderful week? WE HAVE!!

– On Tuesday a man called Calum from Cool Creatures came into our class. The animals we got to see and hold were, a meerkat, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, an owl, a Burmese python and baby┬áturtle. Aiden thought the meercat was funny and crazy. Abigail thought the bearded dragons were really funny. Katie thought the hedgehog was really cute. Emma couldn’t believe how long the snake was! See some pictures below.

– On Tuesday afternoon we had our last day of rugby with Michael. Ayden has really enjoyed it because we played lots of fun games and learned how to pass properly. Lucy thought it was ridiculously cool.

– Some people got the reward of going to the Ross Rocks Reading party yesterday. Well done!!

– Yesterday we had our final practise for the First Holy Communion and Father Jim gave us all an ice cream and a drink. Father Jim turned up the music really loud!!

– Best of luck to all the boys and girls making their First Holy Communion on Sunday! We hope you have fun.

Lots of Love,

Primary 4IMG_2847IMG_2722IMG_2802IMG_2844IMG_2833

One thought on “P4’s Week”

  1. Woweee Primary 4 !!!!!!!!!

    That snake looks terrifying!

    Good luck to all the First Communicants on Sunday. I’m sure it will all go well.

    Take care , Mrs Sharp X

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