P7’s week

Some members of our class went to Meadowbank and participated in athletic activities. Lewis Higginson came 2nd in the 80 metres sprinting final and 2nd for the high jump. Everyone else enjoyed taking part in their events, despite the rain!

Circles 1 have completed the challenge of their 40 maths tests and have now embarked on an even harder book! They went to see Mr Doig he is the head maths teacher at RHS and learnt about Gelosian multiplication. Lewis then taught theĀ  class how to do it. Shaun surprised us with a mathematical trick Mr Doig had shown them.

The guidance teachers from RHS came to talk to us about going to the big school. They explained how things work up there and gave us a booklet to help us with a map and other key bits of information.

Alisha, Reegan and Camy Smith were given a certificate by the head teacher at Ross high for completing their induction course which they have enjoyed.