Primary two’s week

We went on our school trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. We learnt lots and here is some of the facts:

We learnt about different animals and learnt the difference between apes and monkeys and we know that apes don’t have tails and monkeys have tails. We also learnt about a spider that lives in the rain forest that can grow up to the size of a dinner plate. We also looked at lots of different volcanic rocks (Christian). We also learnt that Arthurs Seat used to be a Volcano (Faith). We know that looking at rocks can tell us lots of different things about the past and lots of people have found out facts about the world from hundreds of years ago (Kristin). We know that there are lots of different animals in the rainforest and there are big snakes and lizards (Lilley). We know that if you find a rock that is melted and out of shape it could have been deformed by a volcano (David). We also learnt that Astronauts need to wear their suit to go into space or they will die. They also need to exercise for 2 and a half hours a day in space to make sure they keep fit and healthy to return back to Earth (Imogen).  We went into a time machine and we travelled to the past to learn all about how the earth has changed (Noah). There was a scientist and he looked at the rocks to see how old they were. We also got to look at old rocks through magnifying glasses (Heidi). When we travelled back in time we seen the dinosaurs and how they lived in the past (Sarah).