P6 Weekly Blog – First of the Year!

We are happy and proud to be back at school. Looking forward to another year together.

This week we have been learning about how to write numbers in standard and expanded form. We have been learning how to expand any number.

We have been writing about our summer holidays, using different openers and adverbs to start our sentences.

We designed sculptures of an invention, craft or invention working in our new teams and we showed them to the rest of the class in our presentations.

This weeks Tweets:

JoshLP6: Learning to use openers #openers

Chloe@P6: Yesterday we learned how to expand numbers               #4000+500+30+4 =4534

JoshD@P6: I learnt that school is fun I’m glad we got Mr Campbell in Primary 5 and I’m glad to spend another year with him because he is a good teacher #bestteacherever