Primary 1 Homework-Friday 4th September 2015

Primary 1 Homework

1. m handwriting practise worksheet
Our sound for this week is ‘m’ Maisie, mountain, mountain.
Complete the ‘m’ worksheet – practise writing the ‘m’ sound and colouring the ‘m’ words. Ask your child to say the sound (lips tightly together and say mmmmmm), write the sound and find the sound in and around the home and community.
2. Number 2 worksheet
Our numbers from last week were 1 and 2. Reinforce these by saying them when you can. “Let’s buy 2 carrots. Can you say 2? Can you show me 2 fingers? Can you write the number 2?” We will be learning the Number 3 on Wednesday.

3. Our family tree – Our topic is ‘All about me and my Family Tree.’ With you child, can you look out some old/new photographs of important people that are in their lives. We will be using these in the class to reinforce the learning in Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing.
At the moment, I would suggest spending 10 minutes per evening working on the week’s homework. Practising 1,2,3 and the sound ‘m’.
This year, I would like to add the work that you complete with your child at home into their My Achievement Tracker folders which track their progression throughout the curriculum and throughout P1. As you know, a lot of their learning happens at home and it seems fitting to include this into their MAT. Any additional work that you do with your child or photos that you take that you would like added to the MAT, please send in on or before the Friday deadline day.
Please encourage your child to write their own name at the top of the worksheet.
Many thanks,
Mrs Hayes.