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In maths this week we have learning to use the split strategy to multiply bigger numbers and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been writing personal accounts of our October break using connective to connect two sentences together and give our sentences more detail.

In Art we were making colourful skulls for the Mexican celebration of “Day of the Dead” where they remember their ancestors. The skulls are bright and colourful, with designs and patterns which were symmetrical.

We caught 15 quiet critters this week which gave us 30 minutes games time, which we used to play hockey matches and races. We were also practising hockey skills in P.E.

In RME we were reading the New Testament. We had to find the Act s of the Apostles passages in the bible. After we found them we read them and discussed them between ourselves.

This weeks tweets

erin@P6: practising on maths and time, great start to the term! #school

Minnie@P6: beatles got their new book “The Last Wolf” #sogood

becky@P6: In maths we are learning to multiply by 10, 100 & 1000 # solving

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