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0264, 309,0,361,256,527,1490,126

This week in Primary 6 we have finished our Jacobites and Redcoats and out them outside our classroom to create a battle scene. Each team had a period of the Jacobite rebellion to research and create posters and presentations which we finished this week. All of the presentations were well organised and had lots of facts, opinions and information.

We have been learning about Moses and the ten plagues of Egypt. We were search and locate passages in the bible and sequencing and summarise events.

This weeks Tweets:

Sophie@P6: we presented our Jacobites presentations to the class #Hanovarian armies finally discovered the Jacobite route

Minnie@P6: We did our Jacobites presentations, our group researched Bonnie Prince Charlie #he died of a stroke when he was 76  #he tried to conquer Britain on his own

Lennon@P6: The class finished our Jacobite project and presentations #Jacobites vs Redcoats

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