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In P.E. on Monday we started  Scottish Country Dancing. On Tuesday we had our Christmas dinner, it was delicious and enjoyed having our teacher with sitting bedside us. Thank you to the kitchen for preparing the fantastic dinner.

In maths we have been estimating, measuring and converting metres, cm and mm, and working out the perimeter of a shape.

In RME we have been finding scriptures such as Exodus and looking at the life of Moses. We looked at the 10 plagues of Egypt and completed a sequencing and illustrating task for the Passover.

On Wednesday we watched Big Hero 6 at the Fraser Centre, it is a superb movie. We reviewed the film when we got back to school and we have taken the idea of the film and created our own stories based on the movie.

elissa@P6: in maths have been estimating the length of a shape and measuring it #measuring

morgan@P6: In RME we have been learning all about Moses #Passover

kacey@P6: in PE we were doing Scottish dancing # gaygordans

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