P4’s weekly blog


Hello everybody!

On Monday we had a new P.E teacher called Mrs Seymour.¬† She’s from New Zealand! We practised lots for our assembly and did our Roman song for the last time with Mrs Mailer.

On Tuesday we did our assembly. We did 2 dramas, one of Romulus and Remus and one of the Invasion of Britain. Abbie though we did well and she was a little bit nervous. Lucas thinks it was super good!! Miss O’Connell was very proud of us.

On Wednesday we wrote our second newspaper report. We wrote our reports about our assembly. Our star writers were….LUCIS, LOGAN K and JOE!!

On Thursday we did tartan to go up in the dining all for Robert Burns day.

Today we started learning how to sketch and did drawings of turtles.

See some of them here: