P.4’s Sketchy Week

Hi everyone!

On Monday we did Music with Mrs Mailer. We learned some Scottish songs. In P.E we did a game called rats and rabbits and balances. Sammy thought it was crazy.

On Tuesday we had assembly and Mrs Carlyle showed us the new Eco Bins. Lauren thought they were beautiful.

On Wednesday we did our newspaper reports about the weather. It was terrible weather on Tuesday so we wrote about it. Our Star Writers were … MARK and LAUREN!!

On Thursday we did a reading comprehension about Giant Pandas and we did a magic e worksheet. We did a maths test!

5 P3’s had to come to our class because Mrs Carlyle was sick. There was also a powercut! It was a bit creepy.

Today we did drawings of a hammerhead shark. We had to try hard to sketch. Jack thought it was very hard!

Bye bye,

Love P4 x