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On Wednesday we went on a walk down to the Heugh to look for similarities and differences between tropical rainforests and Scottish Woodland. We found that they are quite similar in some ways such as: they both have trees, living things, animals, forest floor, understorey. They are different because the rainforest has different animals, the rainforest isn’t man-made, doesn’t have rabbit holes, paths or frost on the ground because it’s always hot in the rainforests.

On Monday we had Calum from Cool Creatures in to visit us and show us animals from the rainforest. The animals were really interesting and he told us lots of facts about them.


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This week’s tweets:

morgan@P6: In maths we were using the laptops to handle the data we were working on #data

elissa@P6: We have become masters on our layer of the rainforest and we all know at least 5 facts about it #the trees grow as high as sky scrapers

sophie@P6: On Monday Cool Creatures came to show us some animals that live in rainforests #snake #turtle # tarantula #millipede #pouched rat #cool creatures #rainforest

Charlie@P6 Treat each other with equality. It will make a massive difference #respect

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