P.4’s Short Week Back

Hello everybody.

Welcome back after the February break!

On Tuesday we started our Race for Life training. We were divided into 3 groups. Logan T is in group 3 and thought it was really good. Jack is in group 2 and he thought his heart was beating really fast!

On Wednesday we started division. We learned to break up cubes into equal groups so they don’t have a fight! Abbie thought it was good fun.

We also started learning about using Super Settings. We wrote about a gate that was never open.

We also started science with Mr Wilson. Hope thought it was amazing. We will have science every Wednesday and Thursday.

We started Reading Buddies with P2!!!

On Thursday we did some Art for our new topic – HARRY POTTER!! We designed a crest for our team just like the Hogwarts crest.

Bye bye,

Love P4