Primary 2’s week

Lots of us are excited about passing our Spelling Elephants. Keeley is in the lead as she has passed Spelling Elephant 16, closely followed by Emily who has just passed number 15!!

We’ve worked very hard on Race for Life training and we kept going this morning even in the rain and chilly wind. We are looking forward to next Friday’s event.

To learn about the Romans we have watched some Horrible Histories videos about the Roman army and the story of Caligula attacking Britain, which made us laugh. We have been learning about what the Roman’s ate.

This Tuesday we did our P2 Assembly. It was all about ‘I Wonder Why’. Sophie Glen says ‘It was really fun’. Daniella liked doing our assembly. Jessie was nervous but she spoke loud and clearly.

The Super Snails did some super writing this week and Emily is Star Writer of the Week!

Sol’s table are the winners of our marble challenge – they have worked hard to get a prize from Mrs Bagnall’s treasure box.

We hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.