Primary 3’s Friday Reflection

In Primary 3 this week we have had lots of fun!

On Tuesday we created our co-operative learning teams that we will be working in. As partners we came up with a team name and made a banner. Our team names are; The Awesome Rangers, Team Excellent, Minecraft Zombies, Team Shopkins, Team Lego Land, Team Rangers, Team Celtics, Team Princess, Team Magnificent Minecraft, Team Lego Friends, Team Star Wars and Team Gem.

During our reading time on Wednesday time we read a story called, I’ve Got This Hat. In the story there were lots of different hats, so we decided to make some of our own hats and then use adjectives to describe them. Some different hats we made were a letter M hat, a cowboy hat and a princess hat.

Our topic for the first few weeks is about Friendship. Yesterday we watched a Horrid Henry video which we then had to use puppets to perform a friendship play to our class.

In Music this week we sang a new song all about coming back to school, and in PE we learnt how to move about in different ways.

We had a great week in Primary 3 and are excited for next week!

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