PRIMARY 5 Homework WB 25th September

P5’s homework for the week:

1. Spelling: Make spelling flashcards to display on the classroom learning wall showing the words that you find tricky from your 10 spelling words. You may choose no more than 4 words. Cut them out and have them ready for Friday to add to the learning wall.
2. Reading: AR Reading group books and independent books.
3. BIG TALK HOMEWORK: Talk about Magazines. What magazines do you like to read or have read in the past? What features do you like about them and why? Do you buy magazines from the shop or do you read them online? Discuss these questions at home.
4. Topic: In your jotter, I would like you to design and draw an illustration of the perfect raft for Timothy and Phillip to be stranded on. What gadgets and items would you have on your raft? Please annotate your raft with information about the contents.
5 Mathletics: Please complete the activities allocated: Which is greater? Are you ready?

This should be completed for Friday the 30th of Sept 2016.

Many thanks
Mrs Hayes 🙂