Primary 3’s Week

We had another fantastic week of learning in Primary 3!

On Tuesday we had PC Smith visit us to teach us a special program called ‘Sticks and Stones’. In ‘Sticks and Stones’ we all learnt the importance of not saying mean things to others. At the end some of us even got to try on PC Smith’s handcuffs!

Wednesday afternoon we became inventors. We had to make an object that could move only by pushing or pulling it. To make our objects we followed our plans the we had made a couple days earlier. Through trying to make our objects the first time some of us needed to make changes or “adapt” our plans. This meant that a lot of us learnt how to make our objects through trial and error. Keeley learnt that using the double sided tape helped to hold her wheels of her wagon on, where as Lucia learnt that sellotape was the best option for her castle. We could not have made our fantastic inventions though without the kind donations of; boxes, bottles, double sided tape, coloured foil, string and many more objects, from our families. Thank you very much families!

This week in Primary 3 we are going to have another busy week of learning, with looking at number line addition, magnets, using adjectives in our Big Writing and learning how to read with expression when reading our stories.