Primary 5 Used to think…but now they think…:-)

Good morning!
Today we will be reflecting on our week using our thinking routine “I used to think…but now I think….” This shows us what we have learned this week and maybe what we need to go back and check our understanding of.

Here goes…

“I used to think that drama was just about acting but now I think it is about not “corpsing” and staying in a character.” Charlie

“I used to think that I didn’t like BIG WRITING because I missed the first sessions throughout the week but now I think it is quite fun because I have been here and I enjoy it.” Eevayne

“I used to think that BIG WRITING was going to be easy because the first one was about super heros. Now I think its a little bit more tricky because we have to make our own board game. I kind of like it being a bit more tricky but when I ask Mrs Hayes I can get some help.” Heidi

“I used to think that I didn’t really like drama because when I do funny things I usually laugh but now I think that im getting used to it.” Aiden

“I used to think that the little hand was the minute hand but now I think that it is the big hand.” Abbie

“I used to think that drama was going to be quite tricky because you had to stay in character. I know think that you can have fun whilst in character.” Hannah

Thank you for listening to us.
Over and out
Primary 5 and Mrs Hayes