Reflection Friday Flowers P5

we were in teams at assembly. When we were doing our assembly on John Muir on Tuesday we had the ICT Team, Drama Team, Poster Team, Welcome Team, Book design team and the Music Team. Charlie/Logan T/Mark

We were with Miss McLaren on the computers. We were adding things about ourselves. Owen

I can kick my legs pointed and straight 50 times at my ballet class. Anna
I can do cursive handwriting now and I know this because in my John Muir Report I tried Cursive and it worked. Mark
I can run fast now because when I was running in the 3G pitch I noticed that I am very fast. Logan K

How did John Muir get into nature? Charlie
That John Muir was really smart. Hope
John Muir vs Urbanisation. I’ve been learning that urbanisation and John Muir can be correct because we need homes and nature. Sammy

I will practice…
My spelling bee because there are very tricky words in it. Joe
How to do my handstands longer. Annfell
My turns in ballet. Jasmine
My tumble turns in swimming. Findlay B
Our speech for prayer group for Wednesday. Heidi and Anna.

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