P4 – Weekly Blog

In maths we have started working with fractions – we have been splitting a whole into equal parts making halves, quarters, sixths,  eighths and thirds. We have also been practising working with times looking at quarter past and quarter to.

We got new reading books – The Lions have been reading “Building High” finding out all about scaffolding and how to put it together and how you make large structures. The Tigers have been learning about the inventor Thomas Edison – he invented the light bulb and phonograph!

In Drama with Miss Watt we did scavenger hunt looking for inventors and finding out who made what. The Wright made the first aeroplanes and Levi Strauss invented blue jeans.

We have made cards, posters and Christmas tree star decorations for the Christmas Fayre tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!

Happy Weekend! 🙂 Primary 4 x