Our Amazing Dynamic Earth Trip

Our trip began by getting on the bus. We caught the bus number 113 and we sat at the very back of the Double Decker bus. It took us 40 minutes to get to the bus stop and then we walked for 10 minutes to get to Dynamic Earth.


When we got into Dynamic Earth we moved into our groups and went into the Time Machine. We went back 3.5 billion years ago. We then got out the time machine and looked at some rocks and the first animals that had skeletons.


After that we moved into the ice room. There was a HUGE iceberg in the middle of the room. It was freezing to touch!


We then went into one of our favourite rooms which were a 3D ride. Some animals popped out, like a scorpion, and a black rhino. It was so scary!

After lunch we went to a workshop about space. Some things that we did was learning about space food (they ate baked beans, wraps, ice creams, pasta), feeling moon rocks and how to pack a rocket.


We then finished the day by seeing a 3D movie about asteroids.


We had an amazing time at Dynamic Earth!