Primary 1-2 Snow Day Activities

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having great fun in the snow and most importantly staying warm and safe!!

Myself, Mrs Carlyle and Mrs Fettes have been working together to come up with some fun activities for Primary 1 and 1/2 to try while school is closed.

  • Make a den with some blankets in your house and read books together to celebrate World Book Day Today.
  • There are lost of fun interactive games/resources and story telling videos on World Book Day website
  • Do some research on our topic Primary 1’s are learning about weather, seasons and Outer Space. Primary 2’s are learning about the Human body and keeping healthy.
  • Primary 1 and 1/2 very much enjoy being active. There is a fantastic online resource call ‘Topmarks’. Particularly for Literacy and Numeracy. It is highly interactive and talks the children through their task.Numeracy-The categories available to choose from covers the majority of what we are covering in class and will allow the children to consolidate class learning at home. Literacy-The categories available to choose from cover Reading, Writing, Spelling, Common words, Letters & Sounds, Speaking & Listening. Which will help support children with blending words, word making, sentence building and learning tricky words.
  • Other online Literacy and Numeracy resources are:

All the above resources are familiar to the children and they will be able to use them independently.

  • Stay active by making an indoor obstacle course or a treasure hunt.
  • Make a snowman or Make balloon marbles- fill a balloon with water (not too much) and food colouring, put it outside to freeze. Once frozen remove balloon and you will have colourful frozen ball in the garden.
  • Use your ‘Making Thinking Visible’ skills to draw and write about what you ‘See’, ‘Think’ and ‘Wonder’ about the world outside your window.

Happy Learning and remember to STAY SAFE!!

Miss Alongi, Mrs Carlyle and Mrs Fettes

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