Snow Day Activities

Hope you are all enjoying the snow – here are some activities which  you could be completing during your time off school:

Show Practise

P4-7: If you are inside keeping warm please keep on practising the songs for We Will Rock You (as we have missed a few rehearsals due to the snow! – The Show Must Go On! #Freddie Mercury)

World Book Day

As it is World Book Day, you could choose a book and complete on (or more) of these activities:

  • Design a new front cover for it
  • Write a review for the book (you could do this as a blog and put it on our website or Twitter)
  • Write an alternative ending for the story
  • Write a summary or create an illustration for your favourite part
  • Think of a super power that would help the main character in the story, then design a poster which illustrates the power and how they use it
  • Write a set of questions you could use if you were going to interview a character from the story (good one for P6!)


Write a story about a Beast from the East invading or attacking Tranent! Remember to include interesting descriptions of characters, setting and events.


If you  feel like being creative and investigative in the snow you could carry out this insulation Science experiment:

  • Get 2 or 3 (or more) clear plastic cups and fill them with snow.
  • Wrap each cup in a different material (make sure you leave one with no wrapping – this is your control)
  • Observe how long it takes the snow to melt in the cups
  • The one which takes longest to melt has the best insulation


Try to get a bronze, silver or gold Mathletics certificate?!

Enjoy! 🙂  Mr Campbell

One thought on “Snow Day Activities”

  1. I hope you are all having a fabulous time in the snow; building snowmen, testing your geographical knowledge while watching weather reports and trying out those sledges!
    When you come inside to warm up how about helping an adult to test out a new recipe or learn how to make a family favourite!
    Try making a pizza base and add your favourite toppings! Create an interesting design and have some of your 5 a day too.

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