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Health Week

Primary 2 are looking forward to Health Week.  We will be tasting lots of different fruits and keeping active in lots of different ways.   I wonder how far we will walk with our pedometers?

For homework this week the children will be asked to research an item of  technology used  at home and find out who invented it.

Reading: new books will be given out on Monday

Maths: Measurement worksheet.

There will be no spelling homework this week.


Welcome to Primary 2’s page!

I hope you enjoy reading about Primary 2’s learning.

Primary 2 have been researching facts about Pakistan and I am very impressed with the information that the children have discovered.  We will be sharing this information with each other tomorrow.  

Well Done!

Homework for the week ahead (28/1/12):

Reading: New books on Monday, practise speed sounds/red words/green words and read your story each night.

Spelling: new word lists on Tuesday, LOOK, COVER, WRITE and CHECK then choose your word(s) and write a sentence(s) for each word.

Maths: Time worksheet.