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This week in Primary 1

Hello Everybody,

Esmae, Amelia- Lily and Ben K are our blog team this week.

we have been learning:

  • beginning to count in 2’s
  • learning to play dominoes to help us us recognise numbers and add up
  • reading every day
  • beginning to learn to name parts of the body and know the names in Scots.
  • learned to dance the ‘Grand ol duke of York’ using side step.

Here’s our home learning for next week….

Home Learning Record. 23.1.17docx

Big effort from Shea, Daniel and Murray for working so hard to try their first Spelling elephants….

Have a nice weekend

from P1


Happy New School Year from P1

Happy New Year!

The children have settled back into school really well.

Isla S says that we must keep reading as we are learning lots of new words…….. Mrs Carlyle is happy that we are bringing our reading books to school every day.

In numeracy Isla M says that we have been guessing the amount of cubes then counting and checking to see if we are correct.

Alyssia is learning ‘Roguey, Poguey’ as her Burns poem……. we need to practise lots as we are going to read them to our Buddies on Burns Day.

Here is our home learning for next week…..

Home Learning Record. 16.1.17docx

Have a nice weekend

From Primary 1


This Week in Primary 1

We have had a very busy week in Primary 1.

Our Nativity was fantastic!!!!! Isla M says that we all did really well – we said our lines correctly and we sang and played the tambourines…….. Mrs Carlyle is very proud of us!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday we had a special visitor – Baby Honor.  We asked her Mummy lots of questions about what she needs and compared those needs to the needs of Baby Jesus in the stable.

We all enjoyed our end of term treat…….. Lucy said ;we had a nice movie.’

Shea pointed out that we wrote our letters to Santa with our P7 buddies – we hope he thinks we’ve been good!!!

8 more sleeps!!!!!!!!

Love Primary 1

Primary 1’s Week

Hello Everyone,

We have had another fantastic week of learning in Primary 1 and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

“We have been learning and practising our set 1 sounds”                         Ruby

“We’ve been doing lots of work with our numbers up to 20”                 Shea

“We have been learning about the days of the week and how to write them in order. It goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday then Sunday”                                                           Isla S

“We went on a bear hunt in the playground just like in our story”  Isla M

“We visited the library and the librarians read 3 stories to us and gave us books to take home! It was lots of fun”                              Kesha

As you can see, we have been very busy in Primary 1 this week. As well as all of this, we have been practising very hard for our nativity in the church which we will be performing on Monday the 12th of December. We really hope you can come!

Join us again next week to hear about all of the exciting things we are going to learn!

Stay Safe,

Primary 1


Primary 1

Hello everyone!

Primary 1 have had a fantastic week learning lots of new things in school and practising for their upcoming nativity.

We will be performing the nativity on the 12th of December in the parish church, we can’t wait to share it with you all!

“We have been going over all of he sounds we have learned” -Shea

“We made teddy bear crowns with scissors and glue for going on a bear hunt”  -Kesha

“We have been making bear toast out of healthy foods” – Ruby

“We have been counting on one more” – Esmae

“We have been working on recognising numbers up to 20”             – Ben K

“We have been measuring the rain every day” – Shea

“We have been learning about solids, liquids and gasses, the particles in a solid are close together, the liquid is a little bit apart and the gas is all over” – Ben, Shea, Jordan & Alyssia

Be sure to join us again next week!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love from Primary 1

Primary 1’s Week

Hello Everybody,

We have our first birthdays in P1 today: Happy Birthday Alyssia and Logan!!!!!!

The sounds we have been learning this week are: j,v,y…… there are a lot of children in P1 who have these sounds in their name

We picked out our favourite character from the story ‘Where’s my Mummy?’ and we gave a reason why they were our favourite.

Number work:

  • Esmae says we’ve been filling in number ladders up to 20.
  • We have been thinking about how we put food into 2 groups: healthy and unhealthy.

We have been also been learning more about autumnal animals and how they sleep for a long time ….. they hibernate.

We also had our teeth checked by the Dentist who said we have nice, shiny teeth.  Mrs Carlyle is proud of us!!!

Have a lovely holiday!!

Primary 1


Primary 1’s Week


Primary 1 have had a very busy week…….

PC Smith came in to speak to us about Keeping Safe.  We now know that we phone 999 in an Emergency.  Our next steps are to learn our home address …….

This week’s learning:

Jordan –we were learning that owls eat mice, rats and bunnies.

Murray – we were learning about songs with Mrs Mailer.

Jorja – we were learning the ‘r’, ‘sh’ and ‘h’

Ben K – we were matching our sounds to words that had them in it.

Isla M – we were putting our numbers in the right order.

Home Learning:

This week we need to practise the sounds…….f, e, l.  How many things can you find in your house that begins with these sounds?

Suggested activity:  use your magic finger to write each sound on the window.

Number work: practise writing our numbers 1 to 10 or 1 to 15 or 1-20 in a salt tray.  Make sure the numbers are the correct way round……..

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20

We’ve missed our Primary 7 Buddies so much – we hope you had a great time at Camp!!!!

Have a great weekend Everyone………



This week in Primary 1

Shining stars in Primary 1 this week……….

  • had our photographs taken, Mrs Carlyle thinks we all have lovely smiles!!,
  • Class Dojos go live on Monday, the children are so excited.
  • Our P7 Buddies made sure we knew the correct direction of reading and writing.

Our Learning:

Esmae says that ‘we have to make sure we put our numbers the right way round

Daniel mentioned  three sounds: f, e, l that we have been learning this week.

Ben K loves mathletics! Everyone tried to use their username and password to get in.

Lucy loved learning about Environmental Print.

Isla M says that using Freddy Fingers are so important to help us make words.

Home Learning next week…..

  • sounds u and b
  • collect pieces of environmental print for our class display, for example: cereal packets.  This will help us read…….

Have a lovely weekend – Stay Safe

Love from Primary 1




This Week in Primary 1

We have been learning sounds b and u this week.  These sounds are confusing some of us like b and d and u and n.  We need to be careful to put them the right way round.

We are able to write lots of numbers and make collections and Ben K says we need  to be really careful not to put 6 upside down because it’ll become a 9……  Daniel pointed about zero and the sound o.

Our class photograph is in the East Lothian Courier this week – we really like it!!!! Hope you do……

Home Learning next week:

  • sounds o,c,k –
  • keep looking around about to find things beginning with our sounds……

Have a good weekend Everybody!!!!



Primary 1

Hello Everybody….

this week we have been learning the sounds: n, p, g.   Please ask us to tell you lots of words beginning with these sounds!

Numeracy and Maths: We have been matching and sorting and also looking at signs around the school.  We need to keep looking at signs outside……..

Esmae saw the STOP sign and knew that it helps keep her safe.

Kesha also saw the STOP sign on the lollipop man’s stick.

Daniel knows that EXIT sign means that’s the way out.

Murray saw the ASDA sign with his Mummy.

We have started our Senses topic so we are beginning to investigate what we hear, what we see, what we smell, how things feel and taste.

Homework next week will continue with our sound activity book – keep practising Boys and Girls!!!!

Also coming home next week is our Primary 1 Prayer sheet to keep at home and practise whenever you can.

Alyssia is taking Spencer home this weekend so we can’t wait to hear how he gets on!!!

Have a lovely weekend

From Primary 1