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Rugby mania!

I am currently observing P5 whilst they practice their skills at Tag Rugby! The pupils have requested observations this week and I have been getting some great shots of the primary 5 pupils in action!

Miss Mitchell

Lots of Fungi’s in P5!

In Science today we were leanring about different Fungis and where about they grow. We were learning about flat fungi, spore fungis, mushrooms and toadstools. We didn’t know that Fungi grew from dead plants and we didn’t know athletes foot is fungi growing on a human.

We explored our playgroud and used our identification cards to find spore fungi on the walls of the school and lichen from the trees. We even found a sort of toadstool that we are going to identify soon.

We even did our own experiment where we put pieces of bread, fruit and cheese  into sealed plastic bags and we put them somewhere hot or cold (temperature), wet or dry (moisture) and light or dark (light) in the classroom. We will keep an eye on them to see if any mould or fungus grows and how long it will take.

We kept oursleves very safe by washing our hands and keeping the fungi in an airtight container. We had great fun!

We will keep you posted about the growth of our fungi!

Fab holiday Informal Letter Writing!

 In P5 we have been writing informal letters and it has been fantastic to hear other peoples stories about their holidays. We each wrote a letter to a friend. We had to make sure we used all of the inportant features of aan informal letter and then we posted the letter to our friend in their trays and then we got to  read and share them with our friends and it made us feel happy! We really enjoyed writing and Elle was particularly happy with the quality of her writing.

Primary 5

Oompa Loompas enroll at St Martin’s!

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had at St Martin’s. P3-7 dressed up (even the teachers!)  and P2 made amazing head bands to celebrate the wonderful works of Roald Dahl. We also dressed up to raise money for the Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity for children who are not well and require medical help and support.

Congratulations St Martin’s on some spctacular costumes and donations! So far we have raised £73.70. Keep checking our posts for the final amount we will be sending to this fantastic charity.

Well Done Chiddlers!


It’s Cool to Comment!

Today we have been looking at all of the comments pupils and teachers have been writing about our posts! We get so excited when other people look at what we have been learning in class. We are going to go home tonight and try to write a comment to a post on the wall if we have internet access and if we don’t we are going to write a comment in class tomorrow with Miss Mitchell.

“It’s good to comment!”

Primary 5

Dahlicious Day at St Martin’s!

Hello and welcome to P5. Next Friday the 30th of September there will be a dress up day in the school for P2-P7.

Primary 5 will be designing our own clothes (at home) and dressing up for our shared assembly. In class we have started our ‘Reading Relay’ where we are reading novels by Roald Dahl and recording it in our book logs.Elle in P5 is thinking about dressing up as Matilda from one of Roald Dahl’s famous novels. Josh is hoping to dress up as a Peach! Rhys is going to dress up as a fox cub from Fantastic Mr Fox. Liam would like to dress up as the BFG.

We are dressing up because we are going to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday and the 50th anniversay of James and the Giant Peach. The  money that we raise will go to ‘The Roald Dahl Charity for Marvellous Children.’

More information is available on posters around the school and letters will be given out this week for parents and guardians. If you are stuck or need any help or information please ask the ‘P5 Dahlicious Chiddlers!!’

First Club Golf Training

P5 were traning in First Club Golf. We practiced full launch, chipping and rolling. We were split into groups of 4 or 5. Anthony Fairlie a valued member of the primary 5 class who has come golf expereince said, “It was really fun and I learned lots of new skills such as full launch, putting and chipping. The first time we did it we had Kate Green in to help. That was great fun”

P5 go back in time at Dynamic Earth!

We have had a FANTASTIC trip to Dynamic Earth today. Our topic at the moment is Natural Disasters and in preparation for our presentations next week, we thought it would be a good idea if we went to Dynamic Earth to find some final facts and information.

Firstly we went to a classroom and learnt how to make a liquid Tornedo. It was made with 2 bottles and glittery water inside. We have to spin and shake the bottles to make it look like a Tornedo.

Secondly we travelled through time and watched a video about how the earth was made. We went into a Volcano with a shaking floor and even the ground lit up to make it look like lava. This effect was amazing and scary but enjoyable.

Then we went into the Avalanche and Glacier room and it showed you how the earth looked during the Ice Age. It showed you how the rocks were under the snow and then melted and made a river that turned into a glacier when it froze.

Eryk says “It was my first time but it was amazing. I liked the time travelling elevator best”

Bethan said ” It was the best school trip I’ve ever been on”

James said ” My favourite part was the ginormous ice berg.”

Overall we had a great day out and are very grateful to all of th people who made our trip possible.

Writing in our playground ROCKS!!

The P5’s have been using the envirnonment around them to help them with their writing. They went out into the playground, to the John Muir garden to try and find some inspiration for a piece of imaginative low stakes writing. Some people were writing about the trees that they saw, some about the birds that we fed whilst we were outside and some people were using the murals in the sheds as a stimulus for their writing. It also helped that it was a glorious morning. P5 can’t wait until the next writing lesson outside. So please Mr Sunshine, keep your hat on!