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Independent Reading Time

I am holly in p5 and I am reading Horrid Henry’s Underpants. Its a really good book. Its about a boy that gets his presents mixed up with a girls present. That’s all I  know about it so far.

Im Chelsea in P5 and I am reading Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson. The book is about a girl called Lily. Lily’s mum goes off with her new boyfriend on holiday and leaves Lily with her 2 sisters Pixie and Bliss and her brother Baxter.

Independent Reading Time is a time when we get to read our books. We get to read our books everyday except Friday’s in the class or we get to read them at Junior Librarian on Thursday’s. We get to read them for 15-30 minutes. It is pretty fun. We get book logs to keep track on what we’re reading and we keep them in our Learning Journals. Reading is pretty fun now!!

We would recommend these books to any boy or girl who likes to get stuck into a good book and who likes to read a series of books.

Holly and Chelsea 

Playdough Fun and Foil Words!

Today P5 had a fun afternoon lesson making words out of playdough and tin foil. We worked in pair and share partners to help eachother learn our spelling words. We have decided its a worth while activity practising our words on a Monday and a Wednesday, in time for our challenge on a Friday. We are learning words ending in -ful, -s or -es endings and ai words. We had a great afternoon and we also think that we have achieved our learning intention: I can use different materials to make words with the (ai, -s/-es or -ful) rule.

Primary 5

Burns Day Fun.

P5 made their lessons extra special today to celebrate the 25o years of Robert Burns. In  maths we made menus for a Burns Supper by using the prices on the Asda and Tesco online service. We looked for ingredients and decorations for our Burns supper and we compared the prices between Asda and Tesco to find the cheapest price as we only had a budget of £30. We also created maps to help us get to the Burns Supper using directions and positions like a 1/4 turn anticlockwise or 3 steps forward. After lunch we made our own poems for Rabbie Burns and we used ‘To a Mouse’ to help us which is one of his most famous poems. Some of us created poems titled ‘To a Dug’, ‘To a Horse’ and ‘To a Croc’ It was great fun! Once we have editied our poems we will post them for you to read.

Have a Haggisy Day

Primary 5

Budding Book Detectives!

This afternoon in Primary 5 we have been working hard on our Reading skills. We took a trip to the Junior Librarian where we were able to take out a book from the library and take it home with us. Franky worked with Tyler and Craig to write a review on the computer of the books they had taken out the week before. They worked really well as a group.

Today we also started group book detectives. We all worked in our reading groups and we each had a job to do. Once we had read an extract from our books we completed our individual reading skill task and then we shared our work with our reading group. It was great fun. Next week we are going to work harder on the way we communicate with each other in our groups.

We also had Art today and we were making our very own tartan because we are making kilts. We even started making a Sporon for our kilts to give then that final touch.

Primary 5

Welcome Back!

Hello and a Happy New Year! Primary 5 are very pleased to be back in school. We hope you had a terrific Christmas and an excellent New Year. Come back to our web page every now and then and you will see up to date news on what we have been learning in class.

This week we went to see ‘Mother Goose’ and after it we got to interview the actors and when we got back to class we wrote a news review as a journalist. It was great fun!

Hope to hear from you soon

By James Dunlop – P5