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Word Detectives!

Primary 3 have become word detectives! They had to look for clues in the text to find out what the authour was trying to tell us, sometimes it is not always clear. They had to pick out key words or phrases which told us more about the character or the story.

The boys and girls used magnifying glasses to look for the really tricky clues!

Whole School Curriculum Evening – Wednesday 8th February

All parents/carers of children in the Nursery right the way through to P7 are invited to attend a Whole School Curriculum Evening taking place on Wednesday 8th February from 7 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.

The evening will consist of brief presentations from Mrs McDonald, Ms Stewart, Mrs Blair, Mrs Nairn and Mrs Clark on various school issues and developments. Everyone will then have the opportunity to go to their child’s classroom to experience – ‘A snapshot in your child’s life at school!’. Each class teacher will deliver this session 3 times throughout the night to enable families with more than one child to attend sessions in different classrooms. Each session will last approximately 15 minutes.

We urge you to attend this session as it aims to provide you with a great awareness of how as a school community we are taking our pupils’ learning forward.

Refreshments will be available for you to enjoy!

A new look for the website!

The ICT reps have given our school website a makeover! After asking the classes what improvements they would like to see on the website, the most common suggestion was to add more colour….and we have!
The ICT reps looked through lots of new styles and themes and they decided on this colourful painting design.
It may take some getting used to but all of the school sub pages and links are still here.
We hope you enjoy looking around the new site!

ICT reps and Miss Monk

P3 uses the Activotes

Primary 3 used the Activote pods for the first time today and they were a great success! We used them during our Numeracy lesson as part of our mental maths warm up.The pupils enjoyed seeing the answers appear up on the board straight away and it was good to see how many people answered the question correctly.
We are going to have lots of fun using them in our lessons from now on!

P.1,2,3 Golden Time

Primary 1,2 and 3 really enjoyed the new Golden Time today. The pupils in each class had the opportunity to go into a different classroom to do activities with pupils from other classes. In the P.3 room they had fun playing board games, whiteboard games and doing jigsaws. It was fun playing together and the P.3’s enjoyed helping the younger boys and girls with some tricky jigsaws.