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Primary two end of year blog!

Primary two would just like to tell you all about some of our highlights throughout the year.

I have enjoyed everything about the year! (Heidi)

I have been glad to have Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman as my teachers throughout the year and I have enjoyed all the hard work. (Christian)

I have enjoyed having the amazing primary 7s around to help us throughout the year. (Faith)

I have loved having Miss Docherty coming into teach us sometimes. (Jessica)

I enjoyed going on all the school trips. (Dean)

I have enjoyed having Miss O’Hara as my teacher. (Grant)

I have enjoyed the trips and loved the museum. (David)

I enjoyed Dynamic Earth learning lots of fun new facts. (Archie)

I enjoyed having a time buddy from primary 4. (Kristin)

I have enjoyed having a reading buddy from primary 4. (Neve)

I enjoyed going to the museum. (Ramsay)

I have enjoyed having reading buddies from primary 4 and I have also enjoyed having Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman as teachers. (Sarah)

I have enjoyed having Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman as my teachers. (Zosia)

I enjoyed having a sports day (Noah).

I have enjoyed reading (Imogen).

I have enjoyed having a reading buddy (Robert).

I have enjoyed having Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman as my teachers (Ava).

I enjoyed Dynamic Earth (Harris T)

I have enjoyed having time and reading buddies from p4 and also having Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman as teachers (Madison).

I have enjoyed reading buddies (Amylee).

I enjoyed the wet and wild day (Ben).

I have enjoyed teeth brushing (Jan).

We all hope you enjoy your summer holidays!


Primary two’s week

In maths we have been working on coordinates and we have been finding lots of treasure on different maps using coordinates.

We have been learning about electric circuits and we know how to make a circuit and how to light a light bulb. We know what we need to make a circuit and we know the way the adding sign faces on the battery shows the way the power will flow.  We also looked at the dangers of electricity and spotted lots of dangers in an online house.

We have been reflecting on our year by looking through our mats and selecting our favourite pieces of work. We were able to talk about our learning and tell Miss O’Hara what we liked doing and why.

We went to see the p4/5/6/7 show on Thursday afternoon and we thought it was excellent (Madison), super duper (Zosia), outstanding (Sarah), terrific (Ben),  fantastic (William), brilliant (Jan), super (Lilley), really good (Dean), awesome (Archie), wow (Harris R), amazing (Ramsay), fab (Jessica), incredible (Kristin), fabulous (Amylee),  good (Neve), supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Christian).

Primary two’s week

We went on our school trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. We learnt lots and here is some of the facts:

We learnt about different animals and learnt the difference between apes and monkeys and we know that apes don’t have tails and monkeys have tails. We also learnt about a spider that lives in the rain forest that can grow up to the size of a dinner plate. We also looked at lots of different volcanic rocks (Christian). We also learnt that Arthurs Seat used to be a Volcano (Faith). We know that looking at rocks can tell us lots of different things about the past and lots of people have found out facts about the world from hundreds of years ago (Kristin). We know that there are lots of different animals in the rainforest and there are big snakes and lizards (Lilley). We know that if you find a rock that is melted and out of shape it could have been deformed by a volcano (David). We also learnt that Astronauts need to wear their suit to go into space or they will die. They also need to exercise for 2 and a half hours a day in space to make sure they keep fit and healthy to return back to Earth (Imogen).  We went into a time machine and we travelled to the past to learn all about how the earth has changed (Noah). There was a scientist and he looked at the rocks to see how old they were. We also got to look at old rocks through magnifying glasses (Heidi). When we travelled back in time we seen the dinosaurs and how they lived in the past (Sarah).

Primary two’s health and numeracy week

We have been doing our wake and shake all week and we think that we have been improving our fitness levels. We have been trying to get better each day.

As part of numeracy week we had a challenge to make smoothies using two pieces of fruit and a choice of juice. We all loved our smoothies and we hope to  making them again at home! We were also weighing different fruit and had to make the same amount using cubes.

We have been learning about different animals habitats and food chains. We had a minibeast hunt outside to see what we could find. We also had a session with the outdoor ranger to help with our Eco Garden.

We kicked of our health week with sports day on Monday and we all enjoyed it! On Tuesday we had a visit and session from Adam our Active Schools Co-ordinator who was working on our running skills. On Wednesday we went bowling at the local bowling club and we all loved our session from Gordon and Allana. We had a visit from Abigale in primary 4’s mum Mrs Angus who delivered an excellent Zumba session and we are just about to get ready for our final session of the week Yoga.

Primary two’s week

We have been learning all about foods that are bad for our body and how they can make us unhealthy in preparation for the health assembly next week. We have also been learning a song that we are going to perform in front of the school to show some of the bad foods that we should cut out.

We had a talk from Mr Mcpherson about biodiversity. He was explaining to us all about the importance of all living things and he even explained a food chain. We also got to demonstrate and create our own food chain.

We made a land use survey to see how the land is used around our school.

Primary two’s week

We have been learning where our food comes from such as a farm or you can grow your own to help the environment (Archie). We know that food comes from plants and animals (Sarah) and we have been playing different games to help us decide where the food is sourced from. We had a visit from a local farmer, Mr Gordon.(Lilley) He was telling us all about his involvement with food and how he ensures that we are looking after our resources. (Faith)

We have been working in a band to create a song for our assembly! (Harris R)

We have been measuring different weights of sand using scales. (Dean and Kristin) We have been measuring in grams. (Faith)

Here is a photo of primary 2 listening to Mr Gordon tell us all about his work!



Primary 2’s week


For this week’s homework we have been making musical instruments using recycled materials (Sarah). We are going to form a band with all our instruments. Miss O’Hara is very impressed with them all!

We have been measuring in metres using a metre stick. We were measuring big things such as the Monkey Bars (Harris R), climbing frame (Lilley), the buckets (Robert), the big red door (Ben) and the wall with the stairs (Kristin).

In gym we are working on our fitness (Hayden). We have been working on: relay racing (Ben), hurdle racing (Kristin), jumping and hopping using both feet (Noah).

There was a problem in our village this week and there was too much rubbish all over the village (Heidi). We had to think of ways to clean it up and stop this problem (Hayden). We were thinking of ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Zosia).



Primary 2’s Week

We have been learning about measuring and have been measuring in mm using our rulers. We went outside and were measuring lots of different pictures inside the huts.

We have been working on early division and we know that when we are dividing we are splitting objects into equal groups.

In PE we have been working on our fitness and have been working in groups. We have been doing different exercises such as relay racing.

We created a labelled diagram to make a musical instrument using recycled material in preparation for forming a band.

We have been writing re-counts about what we were doing over the weekend and made sure that what we were writing was in a logical order and made sense.

We made our village, concentrating on what we need to have within a community. We are waiting to see what our first problem might be…



Primary 2’s week

We have been learning all about different weather instruments and made our very own rain gauges that we have placed outside in a safe area to measure the rain over the weekend! We had to make a plan first and label our plan to make sure that anyone could pick it up and make one.

We have continued with our cursive letters and have been practising them using lots of active resources.

We finished our time topic and have created next steps with Miss O’Hara and Mrs Chapman.