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Primary 2’s Week

We have been learning more about the time. Primary 4 quizzed us on our time knowledge and they were all very impressed. We are linking time to things we do during the day and looking for set routines that happen at the same time.  We have continued to use chimney sums to add big numbers.

We have been balancing in PE and made some beautiful shapes.

We painted a Sunflower picture in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, making sure we used bright colours and dashes of paint.  We were also learning about Van Gogh’s life and were very surprised that he only sold two pictures in his whole life!

We have also been learning what a verb is and can give examples of verbs.


Primary 2’s week

We have been learning about quarter to, quarter past and half past and are linking our time with our daily routines. We have also been working with primary 4 and we had lots of fun!

We have been learning about symbols for different types of weather and all performed a weather report for the class to listen to.

We have been learning about the water cycle and how water changes from solid to liquid to gas.

We have continued with our persuasive writing and were persuading our reader to go on holiday this week!



Primary 2’s Week

We have been learning about the weather and how the climate affects where things live and grow.

We have been learning about the time can relate routines in school to times on a clock.

We have also continued with our chimney sums and can add big numbers!

We wrote a persuasive piece of writing to persuade our reader to visit Edinburgh, they were so good that some people got to read to Miss O’Connell and primary 4. They were very impressed!

We have also continued with cursive writing.

We really enjoyed taking part in the waste week activities and we are all very happy for Primary 1 winning.


Primary 2’s week

We have been learning about persuasive writing. We created a persuasive piece of writing to persuade our reader to visit St. Martin’s. Miss O’Hara was very impressed with our reasons to come and visit.

We have been learning how to read a clock face and tell the time. We have been linking times on the clock to routines we have in our school day. We have also been adding big numbers in chimney sums.

We started our new topic this week “Weather” we told Miss O’Hara everything we already knew about the weather and what we would like to find out. We have been learning about the four seasons and what the weather is like in each season.

In PE we have been making shapes with our bodies and balancing. We have been aiming a ball through a target – a shape our partner has made for us.

We started cursive writing and are enjoying giving each of our letters a “lead”.

It has been a very busy week in primary 2!

Primary 2’s week

In Maths we have been looking at number bonds and worked together to think of different number bonds to a set number. We have been learning about tiling shapes and why some shapes tile and some don’t. We made our own tiling patterns using 1 or more shapes.

We have been learning about prediction and been putting this into practise when reading. We have been using clues and pictures to help us predict what will happen next.

We have been learning more Scottish dances and we were peer assessing our dancing in groups, giving each other a star and a wish for next week.

We have been learning all about Robert Burns and his life. We have lots of facts to tell everyone on Sunday! We created a fact file on Robert Burns and used the internet to research his life. We have also been learning about what we eat on Burns night.



Primarty 2’s week

We have been learning a lot about Scotland. We have been learning about where Scotland is and we know that the capital city is Edinburgh. We have been learning about Edinburgh castle and why castles are where they are. We have also been labelling different parts of a castle and comparing life in a castle to our lives at home. We also compared our lives with Merida from brave and looked for similarities and differences.

In Maths we have been learning about different shapes and have been using these shapes to create tiling patterns. We were experimenting with different shapes to see which shapes tiled and which shapes did not.

We have been writing letters to Merida asking about her life in a castle. We made sure our letter was structured properly with all the correct features of a letter.

We are making our very own castles using some of the features we have been learning about.

We have been quizzing each other all week with our spelling words and hope this will make a difference for the spelling test today!

Our new clubs started this week and we really enjoyed the dancing and baking, we are looking forward to the clubs next week.



Primary 2’s First week back

In Maths we have been learning about shapes and their properties. We have been playing some guess the shape games with 2D shapes and it has been very fun!

In literacy we have been learning about the structure and features of a letter.  We have been discussing the importance of the structure so that people know who sent the letter, when and where from. We wrote a thank you letter with Mrs Hayes and Miss O’Hara was very impressed and thankful for these.

We have started our new topic on Scotland. We began by showing Miss O’Hara what we already know and what we would like to know. We all decided we would like to look at castles and where they are. We looked at where Scotland is on a map and discussed some of the things people associate with Scotland.

In PE we have been learning about controlling our body as we move through sequences. We have started to learn some Scottish dancing and began with The Flying Scotsman. We all enjoyed this but we need to work on our movements.

We have also been writing new years resolutions that we have set for this term. We have set a resolution for in the classroom and in the playground and we will be monitoring these to see if we are sticking to them.



Primary 2’s week

In art we decorated Santa using mixed media. Our finished results are great and he looks very real!

We had our nativity on Wednesday and we are all very happy at our performance. We have had a lot of compliments from the staff in the school and parents. We are very happy with our feedback as we have taken a lot of time to prepare for the Nativity.

After our nativity we wrote about it and chose our favourite song.

We have been Christmas shopping in our classroom shop, creating different ways to pay for the same item. We know that different coins represent the same amount of money and there is different ways to pay for items. We have also been using the computers to help us with money.

We had our Christmas dinner on Thursday and it was very yummy!

Primary two’s week

We have made lovely calendars to sell at the fayre tomorrow. We used mixed media and we think they look lovely!

We have been sequencing the Christmas story into order of events and are going to be acting some of this in drama.

We have been working hard on our spelling  and enjoy the fun spelling activities on a Wednesday.

We have been scanning our text to find the main ideas and summarising the story into beginning, middle and end.

In maths we have been looking at different ways to make 10p and giving change for items. We know that we can use different combinations of coins to give the same amount of money.

We have been practising for our nativity all week and our singing is improving daily!


Our success of the week:

We would like to say a massive congratulations to the whole school for winning the St Andrew’s lunch competition! We are very excited about this in Primary two!


St Andrew’s Day Lunch Menu

Our school has been entered into a St Andrews day lunch competition on Wednesday. The pupil council and Eco committee have organised the lunch and the whole school have decorated the dining hall with lots of Scottish artwork. We look forward to finding out the result of the competition.

The lunch menu on Wednesday will be as follows:


Tattie Soup


Steak Pie  OR

Vegetarian Haggis

with swede, green beans and mash potato


“Cloutie” dumpling and custard or

pancakes and shortbread.