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Primary two’s week

We had a visit from two nurses who told us all about their job and how they help us. They were telling us how they help to fix people. They brought in their stethoscope and bandages.

We had a visit to the coop on Monday to buy our own fruit and see how much change we were given from 50p. We were able to see maths in real life situations. We have also been working out change in class using our very own primary two shop.

In PE we have been learning the basic rules of net ball, making sure we are following the rules and demonstrating good teamwork.

In drama we performed our groups performance of an emergency situation and we had lots of fun acting this out and using the costumes.

In art we made our Scottish flags in preparation for the St Andrew’s Day lunch next week.






Primary two

We had a visit today from the community wardens and we learnt all about their job and how they help us in the community. We will be helping our wardens to try and keep our community safe by not dropping litter, not playing silly games knocking on peoples doors and lots more!

We have been giving calculating giving change from different coins in preparation for our special visit next week. We went outside to practice sequencing numbers in order which we found really fun.

We were writing all about the setting of a haunted house and came up with some excellent imaginative stories.

In PE we have been learning the basic rules of net ball and been playing passing games making sure the person with the ball does not move and their feet are glued to the floor. We found this hard, but have been practicing very hard to improve. We were learning how to work as a team by playing team games getting the ball to the other side of the hall without moving when we have the ball.

In drama we have been working on acting out an emergency situation in groups.

In RE we have been drawing different people who look after us.



Primary two’s week

This week we had a visit from the Lollipop man Ian and we were asking him lots of open questions (prepared in advance) to find out all about his job. We found out how important a Lollipop person is in our community and why we need to cross the road with help. – Ian was very impressed with our questions!

In mental maths we have been writing the next number in a sequence and counting in 3’s. We have also been learning all about money and how to use it in real life situations. We have been counting pennies up to pay for items.

In art we were learning about the three primary colours and we tried mixing them to see what colours we could create.

In drama we were creating scenes acting as people who help us in emergency situations. We all had a turn to act out and we will be building on these to create a full performance for the class.

We have been creating imaginative stories about being at the scene of s fire. We used our senses to help us imagine what it would be like.




Primary two’s week

In Primary two we have been learning all about wants and needs. We have been learning that we cannot always get everything we want because ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’. We discussed needs within our community and decided exactly what a town would need to survive. We came up with lots of great ideas!

In maths we have been finishing number sequences using our whiteboards and number fans. We have also been counting different pennies and are practicing for when the classroom shop opens.

In PE we have been learning to follow rules and work as a team. We were playing different games in the gym hall, making sure we followed the correct rules.

We had a great time at our Halloween Party on Thursday and all looked very scary!



Primary Two

We have been learning all about people who help us. We have been learning about peoples jobs in the community.

We have been learning about money and are able to recognise some coins.

In PE we have been working on teamwork and following rules. We were introduced to a new way of playing dodge ball and had lots of fun playing it.

In drama we were working on expressions and how we would feel in an emergency situation.


In class Ben, Jessica, Sarah and Noah reached 50 dojo points and got to wear the medal around school to tell others. Everyone else in primary two is not far away now!

Primary two’s week

In PE we have been sequencing movements together with control of our bodies. We worked with a partner and the class gave us a star and a wish.

We have been sorting cubes into groups and then putting the data into a tally chart then a pictogram.

We have been learning about germs, what they are, where we find them, that they can make us ill and how to get rid of them.

We have been working on our sounds and continuing to practice reading.

We had an award ceremony “The Pride of Primary Two Awards” where the whole class decided why each pupil should get an award. We were looking at qualities of a good friend and the class decided which qualities each person has shown.






Primary 2 – Homework

This week the homework will be maths, reading and spelling.


1.    Read reading book aloud with supervision, remembering to follow the words with your finger.

2.   Spelling – Write the spelling words out three times each in your jotter. To help you remember the words use “find a pair”.

Write each word out twice on scrap paper. Turn the words over so they are face down and try to find the pairs!

3.   Complete the maths sheet.



Primary two’s week

This week we have been learning all about our senses. We investigated how we use our senses every day by going outside and then discussed how our senses help protect us using the example scenario of a fire. Sparky the fireman helped us to understand this.

We have been learning about an artist for a special competition in the school. We looked at the artist work and designed paining’s focusing on colour and shape.

We have been learning about all the qualities of a good friend and how to be a good friend. We have focused on how to share by watching the Rainbow Fish.

We have been creating our own tally charts and transferred this data into a pictogram.

We used our visual instructions to write a set of instructions for Angus the alien. Angus didn’t know how to grow plants in space so we have created a set of instructions for him to follow!


Primary two


A week in Primary two 26/9/14

We have been planning instructions for how to grow cress for angus the alien, as he has never grown plants before in space. We have also been learning about what we need to survive, the five different food groups and why we need a balanced diet. We had a visit from ASDA with lots of healthy food for us to taste! In PE we have been working on our landing with different jumps. In maths we have been using tally marks and creating tally charts.



Sarah William and Amylee received a certificate and a medal for taking part in a summer reading challenge at the library as part of Ross Rocks Reading.