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P5 Homework

Homework Tasks

Spelling – write your words three times and “Pyramid write” six of your spelling words. 

*Example:     home   h




Then write out your four remaining words and work out the total value. Each letter has a value. 

*Consonants are worth 10.                   

*Vowels are worth 5.

Write your spelling words.  Then add up the value of each spelling word.


said- 10 + 5 + 5 + 10 = 30

Maths – Worksheet

Sanderson’s Wynd Visit to St. Martin’s


Today P3/4 and Mrs Thomson came down from Sanderson’s Wynd Primary to tell us all about Fairtrade. They did an excellent job sharing their learning and have obviously been working very hard.

We are just beginning our Fairtrade journey and P3/4 have given us a lot to think about. Is there one thing that you normally buy that you could swap to a Fairtrade option? If everyone takes little steps we can all take a big step together and make a difference!!

Ethiopian and Water Aid Adverts

There was a lot of hard work and enthusiasm this afternoon in Primary 5 when we began to create our TV adverts using Windows Movie Maker. It was a first for a lot of the class and I was very impressed by how quickly everyone picked up the skills they needed to use the programme. Well done! I am very much looking forward to watching the final edits!!

Welcome Back Primary 5

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a super holiday!

As part of the John Muir project we are going to be exploring the town we live and looking into the history of Tranent. We will be doing a lot of group work and exploration to help us learn.

We will also be learning more about how our body works in Science by looking at the heart and the lungs in more detail.

Homework for this Week

Spelling – write your words three times and write six funny sentences using interesting vocabulary.

Then with four different words write your words in code.


happy – 8, 1, 16, 16, 25

Maths – Fraction Worksheet

Muirpark Art Project

This afternoon P5 worked with artist David Wilson to begin developing some art work which will be incorporated into Muirpark, the park behind the Steading View housing development in Tranent. It is sounding very exciting and very much captures Tranent’s past and present. I cannot wait to continue working on this project with David after Easter. Watch out for more information on the work P5 are completing for this project.

P5 Homework – Week Beginning – 11.3.13

Homework Tasks

Spelling – write your words three times and write a funny interesting story using six of these words.

Then with the four words you did not use for the first task and two more that you did use write your words using the telephone keys.

Maths – Fraction Worksheet

Rights Homework – Not all children in Ethiopia get to go to school in Ethiopia and have no ideas what it is like to go to school. Discuss how this makes you feel with someone at home and take some time to say a prayer for these children. Write your own prayer using the sheet provided. 

Treasure Island – Practice, practise, practice your words for Treasure Island and complete the missing words worksheet for your group’s songs to help you.

P5 Homework – Week Beginning 4th March

Spelling – write your words three times and then choose six of your spelling words and pyramid write these spelling words.

Then go back to your first column of words and circle all the vowels. How many vowels altogether are in you spelling words this week?

Maths – Fraction Revision Worksheet

Rights Homework – Chat with family at home about what you have been learning and fill out the list of all the things that children in Ethiopia do not have at school that we do have and explain why the children in Ethiopia might like them. Then write a couple of sentences about how this makes you feel. Are you grateful for all the luxuries we have that they do not have? (Due for 11.3.13)


P5 Rugby


We have been developing our Rugby skills with Michael the Rugby coach. Today we were practising our passing and catching skills. We played a game of Rugby where we had to try and tag the player with the ball to force them to pass.