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BRAKE Sponsored Walk

The day has finally arrived where St Martin’s pupils from P1-P7 take part in their sponsored walk for the charity BRAKE. What a beautiful day it is too!

This is a very worthwhile cause and we would like to thank you in advance for all of the sponsors you have collected.

Photographs will be posted here after the event!

Good Luck to everyone taking part.

P6 Science

P6 have started to look at electricity in science. Today we were constructing a simple circuit from scratch. We had to figure out how to put the batteries into the battery pack and how to screw the lightbulb in before we even got started on constructing the circuit!

We then wrote instructions for how we had constructed the circuit. After that we swapped instructions with someone else and had to follow exactly what they had written!


We had lots of fun trying to get our circuits to work again. We realised that when writing instructions it is important to be really clear about the steps you want someone to follow!


Look! It works!



New Year Resolutions

My new year’s resolution is to exercise more, keep my room tidy and help more around the house more.     Chelsea P.6

My new year’s resolution is to workout more.     Rebecca.

My resolutions for this year is to work very hard by selina scott


My new year’s resolution is to take more responsibility for the cats.


New years Resolution

My new years resolution is to exercise much more than I used to and I also want to stop eating junk food a lot and stay on the five a day and more healthy food holly m:)

My new years resolution is to keep dancing more  and stick to it and i dont want to keep having junk food and eat healthy food chantelle hunter:)