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P5’s fabby dabby week

We had visitors in showing us how to play the trumpet and the piano. We learnt about pitch, pulse and magic in music.

In home teams we made Advent wreaths.

With Ms McLeod we made the bottom half of our angels.

Our new topic is about the Victorians.

We are practising our carols for when we go carol singing.

Have a nice weekend.

Fabby Dabby 5’s

This week we made our Christmas Fair art and our clay sculptures with Mrs McLeod.

We learnt how to use timetables.

We practiced our Christmas songs.

We did lots of literacy in our stations.

We had lots of visitors in to see our learning.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Fantastic Fives Fabulous Week

We created Winter Wonderland pictures using chalk to brighten up Mrs McDonald.

We planned and started writing persuasive pieces on renewable energy.

We had art with Mrs McLeod and finished our John Muir portraits.

On Monday we learnt some new Christmas carols.

We had the chance to read over our reports and have reflected on what we are doing well and our next steps.

We have been working hard on reading to develop fluency and expression.

Have a good weekend xx

P5’s ‘Fiveulous’ Week

We went to church for Saint Martins Feast day and have been learning about him in class. We made lanterns to remember him by.

Caroline and Judith came in to take us for a workshop about friendships and how to look after them.

We had our assembly which was fantastic and Miss Docherty was very proud!

We have been learning how to say the date in French.

We worked on our John Muir portraits.

The gardening club dug up lots of vegetables and made them into a delicious soup. They found 92 carrots!!!

Lucy G, Lucy M and Eilidh were altar servers at school mass for the first time 🙂

Have a super weekend!


P5’s Spooks Week

We have started practising for our class assembly don’t forget it’s on the 10th November!

We made scary Halloween masks using different colours of paper and cutting skills.

We started a new PE topic looking at different net games.

We let our imagination run free writing spooky ghost stories.

We had great fun at our Halloween party thank you too all the adults who organised it.

We hope you have a spooktacular weekend!


5’s Fantastic Week

We played French bingo to help us  learn our numbers.
We finished our John Muir powerpoints and will present them after the Autumn holidays
We have started learning about mindfulness
Todd, William and Ayden entertained us with the Macarena
We went to see P6’s assembly on Tuesday and thought it was super!
Have a great holiday 🙂

Our Super Duper Week

Todd and William entertained us all with their funny dance.
It was our last week of invasion games in PE.
We have started reading ‘The Witches’ for Halloween.
In Art we stuck wrappers onto our portraits to make them in the same style as Joan Eardley.
Lucy Masters brought in her trophy from her sponsored punch – it was very big and shiny!
Have a nice weekend!

P5’s Fabulous Week

On Thursday we were drawing portraits of us and a friend.

We have started fitness training  in PE and recorded our personal bests.

We made comic books strips of a John Muir story we read.

Miss Torley has joined us as a student teacher and will be helping us in class.

We learnt about the artist David Fleck.

Have a lovely weekend!


Primary 5’s Fantastic Week

On Monday we finished our art self portraits with baseball caps. We learnt all about shading and graffiti style writing.

We  learnt how to write our own pieces of music with beats.

We did lots of different stations in PE and have been working on our evasion skills and space awareness.

Miss Docherty read us a famous story about John Muir and we re-wrote it in our own words.

Have a super long weekend!


P5’s Forever Fridays

We had pe with Miss Docherty and played invasion games.

We started learning about money and the importance of budgeting. We had to shop online to buy the things we needed for our 3 course meal.

Yesterday we went to Mass to welcome us all back.

We learned to count to 20 in French.

Have a nice weekend!