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The Fabulous Fives Week

It was our first  art lesson this week with Mrs McLeod.

We learnt a new song called Lemon and Lime in music this week.

We got to play lots of fun games in PE.

We have started writing our own adventure stories with cliff hangers at the end.

We incremented and decremented in tens and ones in numeracy.

Have a nice weekend !


Primary 5’s Fabulous First Week

We each made a fish to represent us in our class. We played a game to find out the things that people liked and disliked. We found out that we had lots of differences and similarities. We played a game called find someone who.. there were lots of boxes to fill in and you could only use a name once.

On Wednesday we went outside because it was lovely and sunny to play some team games! It was great fun 🙂

We have got new Home Teams for the start of this session and made our team shields.

We wrote a poem about a Summer picture. We used lots of nouns and adjectives and had to underline where they were.

We have a new member in our class who has come all the way from Washington we are very excited and happy to have Jade join us.

We have started looking at Place Value and partitioning numbers. It was quite tricky but we all helped each other to get started!

Have a nice weekend,

Primary 5 x

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

This week we got to go and see the dress rehearsal for the P4-7 show. We thought it was fantastic and anyone going will have a great time!

We made patterns using hamma beads and got to take them home. It was very tricky and needed a lot of concentration.

We made and decorated our own photo frames. We are going to try and take some pictures in the holidays to put in them.

We got to have some time with our new P2 teacher and were singing baby shark – a song we have now taught to Miss Docherty.

We thought about the things we liked to do on a sunny day and all agreed that the beach was a fun place to go. We used our drawing skills to create a landscape scene and then took our time to paint very carefully.

Have a lovely weekend,

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

This week has been very exciting as we went on our School trip to Dynamic Earth. It was quite a long journey but we really enjoyed going on the coach. When we got there the first thing we had to do was go on a time machine. The time machine took us all the way to the beginning of time. We visited lots of different things and places: the rainforest; the polar regions; under the sea; the dinosaurs and the volcanoes. We got to see a 4D film and went into the ‘Showdome’ to learn about Astronauts. At the very end of our day we got to go and have a look in the gift shop which was lots of fun.


Have a super weekend!

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

We have been working really hard on Mathletics this week as part of the cluster competition. Miss Docherty is very proud of all of us and our wonderful results!


We have been learning about germs and what we can do to stop them spreading. We  learned how to wash our hands properly and invented our own germs. Some of the names were really funny!

We have been working really hard to learn all our sounds ready for going into primary 2.

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

We buddied up with Primary 7’s for Mat Chat today and have read over our MAPS. Our Primary 7 helped us to decide on our two stars and wish.

We have been working really hard in PE to practise some sports day activities. Miss Docherty thinks we are especially good at the races!

We learnt some new songs in music with Miss Docherty and were trying our best to keep the beat with the musical instruments.

We have learnt 3 new red words – our, down and off. We have searched for these words in books and used them in sentences.

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week!

We have all been working really hard on our reading skills this week and are currently doing some non-fiction work. This means that we are learning about lots of facts.

We have learnt our new sounds this week which were ire and oi.

Congratulations to 4 pupils within our Primary 1 class who are now on Accelerated Reader – a super achievement!

We looked at different climates and the animals which are suited to them. We also sorted animals as to where they live – land, sea and sky.

We learnt how to write out subtraction sums and completed these in our jotters.

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

We learnt our new sounds ew and oa. We have been using these to build words and write sentences.

We have been looking after our sunflower seeds in class and are very excited that some of them have started to grow!

We have been working in teams at PE to get ready for sports day. We are getting very good at shuttle races.

We watched the story of Noah’s Ark and discussed why God chose to flood the world and also why he chose Noah to build the ark. We think that Noah was a very good man.

We have been learning about left and right and made hands mats for on our desks to remind us. We have had fun doing the Hokey Cokey in class to help us remember.

Have a super weekend!

Primary 1 xx

Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

This week we have been learning all about plants. Plants need sun, water and soil to live. We learnt about the jobs different parts of the plant do;

roots – hold the plant in the ground.

leaves – make the food for the flower.

stem – takes water up to the flower.

flower – makes seeds so that when the flower dies new ones will grow and birds can eat them.

Yesterday we planted our own sunflower seeds to grow and take care of in class.

We learnt a little about the artist Vincent Van Gough and have recreated his drawing the Sunflowers.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Primary 1 xx


Primary 1’s ‘Onederful’ Week

This week we created paintings in the style of Claude Monet. We learnt a little bit about him and chose our favourite painting, the water lilies, to recreate. We have done a super job!

We read the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ and learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and how it changes from a caterpillar.

We wrote stories about going to the park. We had lots of new words to sound out and had to write at least 3 sentences!

We have started learning a little bit about Mary in preparation for the month of May. We read the story of Mary and the Angel Gabriel and discussed what we thought made a good mum.

Have a lovely weekend!

Primary 1 xx