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P.4’s Short Week Back

Hello everybody.

Welcome back after the February break!

On Tuesday we started our Race for Life training. We were divided into 3 groups. Logan T is in group 3 and thought it was really good. Jack is in group 2 and he thought his heart was beating really fast!

On Wednesday we started division. We learned to break up cubes into equal groups so they don’t have a fight! Abbie thought it was good fun.

We also started learning about using Super Settings. We wrote about a gate that was never open.

We also started science with Mr Wilson. Hope thought it was amazing. We will have science every Wednesday and Thursday.

We started Reading Buddies with P2!!!

On Thursday we did some Art for our new topic – HARRY POTTER!! We designed a crest for our team just like the Hogwarts crest.

Bye bye,

Love P4

P.4’s Sketchy Week

Hi everyone!

On Monday we did Music with Mrs Mailer. We learned some Scottish songs. In P.E we did a game called rats and rabbits and balances. Sammy thought it was crazy.

On Tuesday we had assembly and Mrs Carlyle showed us the new Eco Bins. Lauren thought they were beautiful.

On Wednesday we did our newspaper reports about the weather. It was terrible weather on Tuesday so we wrote about it. Our Star Writers were … MARK and LAUREN!!

On Thursday we did a reading comprehension about Giant Pandas and we did a magic e worksheet. We did a maths test!

5 P3’s had to come to our class because Mrs Carlyle was sick. There was also a powercut! It was a bit creepy.

Today we did drawings of a hammerhead shark. We had to try hard to sketch. Jack thought it was very hard!

Bye bye,

Love P4 x


P4’s weekly blog


Hello everybody!

On Monday we had a new P.E teacher called Mrs Seymour.  She’s from New Zealand! We practised lots for our assembly and did our Roman song for the last time with Mrs Mailer.

On Tuesday we did our assembly. We did 2 dramas, one of Romulus and Remus and one of the Invasion of Britain. Abbie though we did well and she was a little bit nervous. Lucas thinks it was super good!! Miss O’Connell was very proud of us.

On Wednesday we wrote our second newspaper report. We wrote our reports about our assembly. Our star writers were….LUCIS, LOGAN K and JOE!!

On Thursday we did tartan to go up in the dining all for Robert Burns day.

Today we started learning how to sketch and did drawings of turtles.

See some of them here:


P.4’s Blog


On Monday we had P.E for the last time with Miss Borthwick. Jack was feeling a bit sad. Good luck Miss Borthwick in the high school! We practised our Roman song with Mrs Mailer.

On Tuesday we went to Hymn Practise. Mrs Black came and showed us how to play Badminton. We are going to a Badminton Festival in 2 weeks!

On Wednesday we started practising for our assembly on Tuesday and all parents or carers are invited!! We also wrote our first news paper report. Our star writers were…Sammy and Eevayne!

We’ll be back!!!!


Primary 4 and Miss O’Connell

P4 Happy Start to 2016

Hello Senoritas!

On Tuesday we had assembly and our target is about being kind to others. Then we did a bingo game about what we did in the holidays. We also started to plan our new topic – LIVING THINGS!!

On Wednesday we did maths stations and Lucas thought they were really fun! We started learning about money.

We also started basketball in P.E.

We have started looking at newspaper reports and we are going to write a report next week.

On Thursday we went to the library for the first time in 2016. We had lots of 100% on A.R quizzes. The Cool Coconuts and the Banana Bros moved onto chapter books!!!

Mark found out he was second best in Britain for mathletics!!

Today we did some animal mindfulness colouring.

Bye Senoritas,

Love Primary 4.