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P4’s Great Week


Hi Everyone!

  • On Monday we went to P.E. We were in groups passing a ball and the group with the most points won! Group 1 won.
  • On Tuesday we went to assembly and we had head teacher and class teacher awards! Lucas Jolly got a certificate from Miss O’Connell and Calum got the head teachers medal.
  • On Wednesday we made Fruit Kebabs and wrote instructions for how to make them. Anna thought that the fruit kebabs were delicious. Jack thought the juice of the grapes was good. Declan got 50 House Points from Mrs McDonald for his instructions.
  • On Thursday at swimming we got to go in the deep end and we got to break the rules a bit by doing a cannonball into the pool! Eevayne was a bit nervous at first but the rest of the group encouraged her and she thought it was really fun. Heidi did it without a noodle!
  • We painted pictures of Aladdin which we designed.
  • We had lots of people passing their Spelling Elephants this week. Well done everybody!!

P.4’s Awesome Trip Week


Bonjour Everybody!

On Tuesday playground pals started and lots of our class have been picked for playground pals. Andrew, Hannah, Annfell and Declan started this week!

On Wednesday we went on a trip to Tesco called ‘Farm to Fork’. We each got to make the most amazing pizza! We wore chef hats and aprons. We worked with a partner and you had to find which country different foods came from. Jack and Lucas found a chestnut mushroom from East Lothian, they were surprised! Owen and Mark found mangos from Isreal. Finlay and Logan found pomegranate from Jamaica! We all had lots of fun. We also got to go in the fridge and freezer. It was minus 20 in the freezer!

On Thursday at swimming we got float on our backs. Heidi thought swimming was really fun when we tried to swim on our backs. Star swimmers this week were Bailey, Andrew and Logan Taylor.

Here’s some pictures from our trip to Tesco:




P.4’s Amazing Week

Bonjour Everyone!

We have been learning lots about Health and how to have a healthy balanced diet.

On Monday we went to music and gym. Heidi thought music was really fun.

On Tuesday we did an experiment to show what happens in the stomach and the intestine. We put bread and cola into a bag and then put it into tights to show how it moves down the intestine.

On Wednesday we wrote rhyming poems about Food! Jack, Findlay, Hannah and Hope were our start writers this week. Heidi brought in her Medjugorje book and she told us about when she went.

On Thursday we learned who Vincent Van Gogh was and we painted the picture of Sunflowers. We found out Mrs Roberts saw the painting in real life! Look at some of our paintings:


We’ll see you next week!

Goodbye xx



P4 Fab Week

Hello everybody!

On Monday we had music and P.E and we were doing invading games in P.E. Charlie thinks the games were amazing. Abbie and Declan got 246 passes with a ball!

On Tuesday we had Hymn Practise with the whole school. We sang lots of songs. Joe’s favourite was ‘This Little Light of Mine’. Then Mrs Johnson did maths with us and Heidi thought it was really fun!

On Wednesday we did topic in the afternoon and we did a Food Groups plate. It was hard to cut up all the foods but we did very well. See a picture below!

On Thursday we had our second swimming lesson and Jack and Abbie were star swimmers!! Half of us went to mass for the start of term. Father Jim did a magic trick at the end.

We have also all entered a competition for a big cycling race.

Bye bye,

See you again next week! Love Primary 4 xx


P4 Amazing Awesome Week

Hello everybody!

We have had a excellent first full week in Primary 4.

On Monday, we got our new Home Teams. We have all been working hard to earn dojos for our team. We wonder who will be the winning team???

We had music with Mrs Mailer and P.E with Miss Borthwick. Joe learned about beat and rhythm. Heidi thought Miss Borthwick was fun!

On Tuesday, we had our first school assembly. We met Mrs Johnson and she did some maths with us. She also read the Twits to us. Abbie thought Mrs Johnson was a very nice teacher.

On Wednesday, we wrote summer poems using our sense and we did some music with Miss O’Connell. We also did French and Lucas Jolly enjoyed playing bingo!

On Thursday, we went swimming at the Loch Centre and we had very good fun. We played a game called traffic lights. It was funny when we went under water for BUMP! We also did painting of our poem pictures!

We have learned a new song called the ‘Lollipop Song’.

Have a good weekend,



P4 Amazing Week

Hello everybody! We have had an excellent start to P4!

We played summer bingo on Wednesday to find out what people had been doing on the summer holidays.

We went outside to do P.E and we had lots of different games to play like skipping, rounders and football.

We did some art and made some bunting for the class and a P4 Patchwork.

We did some cursive writing this morning and Miss O’Connell was very impressed!

We also played some maths games, practising our counting.

Next week we will start going swimming on Thursdays! We hope everyone remembers their swimming things.

Poor Lucas Jolly got sick on Wednesday and we have been missing him lots.

We’ll tell you more next Friday,

Love from P4 xx

P4’s Helpful Happy Week

Hello everybody!

This week we have done lots of very fun things.

– This week there has been a mathletics competition so we have all been trying to do lots of quizzes to get points. On Thursday we went to help the primary 1s with mathletics. We helped them log on and do some quizzes.

– We have been practising lots for our school show and Ayden and Eilidh think it was their favourite thing this week. Get your tickets soon if you want to see us perform!

– On Thursday morning we went to help the nursery with their reading and read for 30minutes in the Eco Garden. Caleb and Ryan  thought it was really fun.

– Yesterday we went out to play rounders because it was such a nice day. We hope you have been enjoying the sun!

– Yesterday we also had a fun music lesson with Mrs Payne!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week too.

Lots of Love,

Primary 4