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P.3 Christmas Fayre

Big well done to everyone who helped out at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday!!

P.3 did very well selling their handmade decorations and made lots of money for the school. A special thank you to Lucy Gordon and Katie Masterton who worked at the P.3 stall for the whole time! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

JRSO Launch

Last friday the 25th  october  we went a JRSO launch in port seaton . The launch was fun. We did a quiz we answerd 10 questions all the schools competed in the competition an out of all east lothian schools we won! we won some prizes for the school and us. Miss O’Connell was very proud of us. Thank you to mrs.mcdonald for taking us.

talk soon from your JRSO’s

P.3 Homework 28/10/13

P.3 Homework this week is just the same as always 🙂

  1. Spelling. We have a new strategy this week called ‘across and down’ spelling.


    2.     Maths. Our maths topic for the next couple of weeks is SHAPE.

    3.     Reading.

Question Marks – The Lions Paw

Finger Spaces – In the Park

Capital Letters – I Want to be a Bee

Full stops – Beep Beep Clocks and Watches


Well done to everyone on their homework so far this year you have been putting in a great effort and I am very pleased 🙂

JRSO and Walk to School Week



JRSO reps for this year are Courntey Bennie, Katey Edmond, Josh Robertson and Liam Black. The four reps did a fantastic job before the holidays during Walk to School Week. They were so enthusiastic about encouraging everyone to walk to school. Every morning they were in school before everyone else ready to go out and reward the children who had walked to school with stickers and other fun things! Well done to our JRSO Reps.

Also a big well done to everyone else in the school who made the effort to walk to school and please continue to do this!