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P4 class blog

In Maths this week we were using our knowledge of times tables to help us with division. We learned that division means sharing equally into groups.

In Art, we were thinking about primary and secondary colours as we painted pictures of Joseph’s amazing technicolour dreamcoat.

We really enjoyed doing the obstacle course on Thursday, it was great fun!

We have done lots of show practice this week and we can now sing most of the songs without words.

Thanks for reading!

by Neve, Ava and Lilley

P4 class blog

This week we went to the Athletics Festival on Tuesday and we really enjoyed it! We had so much fun! Some of us met friends from other schools. some that we hadn’t seen for a long time and people we knew from the Gala. It was a very long walk from the school to Meadowmill to get there!

In Maths, we did estimating and measuring with weight. Some of us found it easy and some found it tricky. It was interesting to find out what the different items weighed.

PE this week was fun – we were doing different exercises with Miss Jamieson like burpees and planks. Some of them were hard but we enjoyed challenging ourselves.

We were doing tracing and copying on our spelling sheets and we did our spelling test on Friday and lots of us got 100%.

Thank you for reading our class blog!

by Faith, David, Hayden and Ramsay

P4 Weekly Blog

This week in PE we were practising our Athletics skills because we are going to the P4 Athletics Festival on 28th February. We were doing high jump, long jump, throwing and running.

In Maths, we made bar charts on Excel – it was a bit tricky but good fun!

On Friday, we had our Open Morning. We all enjoyed it and we hope all the parents did too. We think they learned a lot about what we have been learning in class. Thank you for coming!

Have a lovely February break, thank you for reading, Primary 4 🙂

P4 Weekly Blog

This week, as part of our Living Things topic, we made habitats out of boxes and coloured tissue paper. They are looking great and we are excited to finish them next week.

In PE with Mrs Johnson we were doing Athletics. We were very good at practising for the long jump!

In maths we were doing times tables and multiplying and dividing. We also made bar graphs to show what pets everyone in our class has.

In reading we were learning how to use more expression to improve our reading.

Thank you, have a nice weekend!

Primary 4

P4 Weekly Blog

We had our assembly on Tuesday, it was about Robert Burns. We read out poems and facts about Robert Burns, performed a short play and did a quiz about words in Scots asking the audience to work out the words in Scots meant in English. We really enjoyed doing the assembly, thank you for coming out to see it!

In P.E. we have been practising balancing and racing to get fit and prepare for the athletics festival. In maths lessons we have been learning the two and three times tables, we have been working with higher numbers and how to divide numbers by halving and splitting, and sharing numbers. We can also divide by counting in two’s and three’s.

We have been learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, self-control, peace, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, patience and joy. We get the fruits of the Holy Spirit by using Gifts of the Holy Spirit, this makes us kinder, better children.

Thank you for reading our blog, hope you have nice weekend! Primary 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P4 Weekly Blog

Hello Rear Readers,

This week we have been working hard practising for our assembly on Tuesday and Burns Night on Wednesday. We have been writing facts about Robert Burns, did you know Robert Burns wrote over 600 songs and poems! and when he was a child he used to help his dad working on a farm, he moved to Edinburgh when he became famous. You will find out more on Tuesday!

We were painting using Pointillism in Art with a Scottish theme. We painted thistles, highland cows, and Saltires using cotton buds.

In writing we were writing factual reports about Living Things, Robert Burns or Confirmation. We were practising using generalising vocabulary such as all, many, lots, other and few. We were writing in paragraphs using sub-headings.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, have a guid Burns night and  see you on Tuesday (for oor assembly!)

Primary 4


P4 Weekly Blog

Happy New Year! It’s good to back at school. Two weeks off felt like a month…

This week we have been learning about Robert Burns to get ready for our assembly. We have been learning some of his poems; “To a Mouse”, “Up in the Morning Early” and “My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose” for this one we have been doing some acting. We also did some reading comprehension, finding out facts about Robert Burns.

In art we made oil pastel drawings of highland cows, linking Scots to our topic about living things.

In maths we have been doing function machines to practise our addition and subtraction strategies. It is fun and there is always more than 1 way to work out an answer!

We met Mrs Esamel this week, she read Room on the Broom in Scots to us (better than Mr Campbell!) We are looking forward to working with Mrss Esamel.

Hope you have a good weekend! Primary 4


P4 – Weekly Blog

In maths we have started working with fractions – we have been splitting a whole into equal parts making halves, quarters, sixths,  eighths and thirds. We have also been practising working with times looking at quarter past and quarter to.

We got new reading books – The Lions have been reading “Building High” finding out all about scaffolding and how to put it together and how you make large structures. The Tigers have been learning about the inventor Thomas Edison – he invented the light bulb and phonograph!

In Drama with Miss Watt we did scavenger hunt looking for inventors and finding out who made what. The Wright made the first aeroplanes and Levi Strauss invented blue jeans.

We have made cards, posters and Christmas tree star decorations for the Christmas Fayre tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!

Happy Weekend! 🙂 Primary 4 x

P4 Home Learning

  • Reading – Read, Write, Inc.: Practise green words, red words, speed words and reading story aloud. OR
  • Read your group reading book to the end.


  • Accelerated Reading: Read your book at home to take quizzes at school.
  • Fact Finder! Find an interesting fact in your reading book, accelerated reader or any other book. Write it on the back of this page.

·        BIG TALK – please can we talk about ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle at home.


·        Spelling elephants, tigers or bees: learn words and engage in spelling task.


Numeracy and



·        Continue practising making times and converting between digital and analogue.


P4 Weekly Blog

This week we have been using laptops to research and find out facts about Scottish inventors, and answering questions about them. In our BIG write we wrote stories about inventions we had made up. In science we have doing experiments with magnets to see how many paper clips they could pick up. We designed robots in art with Mrs Johnson linking it with our topic and the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

In Maths we have been learning about time, looking at different clocks and times, we made our own clocks to help us tell the time.  We have been thinking about the Act of Sorrow and practising our handwriting by writing it out.